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We invite you to

Learn and practice languages to generate an impact in the lives of many children

A percentage of these services goes directly towards funding the Literacy+ program, where we teach reading and writing to children from low-income communities in Colombia.

The power of languages for you!

Mentoring program

With our mentoring services we help you discover how you best learn foreign languages. We also offer the opportunity to practice and connect with native speakers while generating a great social impact and being a part of a global community of agents of change.
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Our program includes:
  • Virtual learning and meetings that will give you the experience where you can share with people and with native language speakers worldwide.
  • With a guidance of a mentor, we will help you craft your learning path.
  • You will gain knowledge pertaining to the United Nation’s SDGs and social impact.
  • You will develop 21st century skills by being exposed to the Design Thinking methodology.
Workshops for companies and personalized mentoring
We organize activities tailored to your needs, whether it is a workshop for employees and partners of your organization or personalized advice.
Cultural Exchanges with Native Language Speakers

Learning a language is better with friends

That is why we create meetings for you to practice languages and make friends from all
over the world along the way.

Frequently asked questions

More than classes, mentoring is a process where we teach you how to learn most effectively so that you can be in charge of your own language journey.
Through mentorship we answer these and other questions to guide you on your learning journey in a unique way.
At GLOT we carry out cultural exchanges, workshops and meetings where languages connect us.
In cities like Medellin, there are children who are unable to read or write words in their native language. Through your participation in the mentorship program you can change this by directly sponsoring the children’s learning through our literacy program.
Bring mentoring to your organization and involve your workers and partners in language impact programs. Everyone is welcome.
We can generate activities tailored to your organization and thanks to our social impact approach, you can associate this service with fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

    We believe that access to quality education is right belonging to all children worldwide

    Thanks to your support and trust in us we can continue to grow our reach and impact.
    Let’s make a difference: word by word, one language at a time.
    GLOT Inc.

    Is a non-profit organization legally registered in Medellín Colombia (NIT:901.218.922-1) and a 503c1 Public Charity in the United States.

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