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We offer you

The power of languages for your organization!

We reduce language barriers and provide services according to your needs.

We have a social business model where a percentage of all our services goes directly to the Literacy+ Program, where we teach reading and writing to children from underprivileged communities.


You speak in your language and we speak in the language of your audience! It is as simple as that.This translation service is available in various languages for events, meetings, digital panels or conferences (depending on demand) for clients all over the world.

Document translation

You write in your language, we change it into the language you need. We translate the documents your organization needs in a reliable and timely manner.

Mentorship, language workshops and cultural exchanges

We carry out workshops and language mentoring programs tailored to the needs of your employees. We also create online cultural exchange spaces for your employees to have the opportunity to practice the language they are learning with native language speakers.

    Our clients

    Different cultures and themes all great experiences

    Swedish Institute

    Translation service for the Swedish Institute. Workshop “Making public transport safe for all”, Medellín. Colombia November 2019. Photos @impacthubmedellin

    DevOps Days

    Translation service for DevOpsDays Medellín. Virtual event July 2020

    Impact Hub

    Translation service for Impact Hub Stockholm Virtual event

    The support from our clients allows us the opportunity to help more children in Colombia than ever before by giving them the chance to acquire the basic skills necessary for lifelong learning.

    We believe that access to quality education is right belonging to all children worldwide

    Thanks to your support and trust in us we can continue to grow our reach and impact.
    Let’s make a difference: word by word, one language at a time.
    GLOT Inc.

    Is a non-profit organization legally registered in Medellín Colombia (NIT:901.218.922-1) and a 503c1 Public Charity in the United States.

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